Can you deliver to an institution?

Yes, we can deliver to hospitals, universities, hospice care centers, retirement centers, and more! It really helps to have room or floor numbers and contact information for the recipient, or any other information that might be helpful for our couriers or shipping partners. Also, please make sure that the institution allows flower delivery, as many hospitals do not allow flowers in the ICU.

I ordered two arrangements and they were different. What’s up?

Instead of mass-producing bunches of lackluster single origin flowers, our bouquets are each unique and truly one of a kind. As we’ve grown, our ability to get enough of the same variety and color flowers each day became more challenging, but the upside is that it provides us the opportunity to to make each bouquet special and unique! 

Is the cover picture today’s arrangement?

The cover picture on our site isn’t the actual picture of what we’re making that day, however it is  representative of the flower varieties we’re using at the moment. We use seasonal varieties and color palettes, so we’ll make sure it’s on trend!

Can I see samples of previous arrangements?

Definitely! Check out Previous Arrangements on our Instagram page! You can also search by #fgflove or #farmgirlflowers to see posts by actual recipients to prove what you see really is what you get with us!

What kind of flowers will I get?

You’ll get super fresh and beautiful flowers! We buy the best seasonal flowers available, which is why our daily arrangements vary from day to day. While you don’t get to pick the flower varieties, we do guarantee that they’ll beautiful and that you and your recipient will love them!

By limiting options, we’re able to reduce our waste and environmental impact and provide high quality arrangements at affordable prices.

How fresh are the flowers?

Our flowers are supah’ fresh! We get daily deliveries and don’t hold flowers for weeks at a time. We want you to enjoy them as long as possible and often hear how much longer they last than most from our customers!

Can I add a note to the flowers?

Yes, absolutely! There’s a place for you to say something special on Page 3 of the checkout process. There’s also a box you can check if you want to surprise someone as their secret admirer! If not, be sure to sign your name, as we don’t print the sender’s name on the card.

If you need to update your card message after ordering, please call our team at (954)479-4705 or email [email protected] Based on where your order is in the fulfillment process, we’ll try our very best to help, provided your order hasn’t left our warehouse already!

Do you have greeting cards?

We don’t have specific greeting cards, but we do have a beautiful cards with space on them to include a personal message.

You’ll find it on Page 3 of the ordering process. Just enter your custom message, and if you want to include your name, please ensure you also include that in the message, as we don’t include the sender’s name separately.

If you need to update your card message after ordering, please call our team at (954)479-4705 or email via [email protected] Based on where your order is in being fulfilled, we’ll try our very best to help!

What time on the day selected will my flowers get delivered?

We know how it feels to be waiting on pins and needles oh-so-patiently for your loved one to get their blooms! We try to get them there as early as possible! In Weston and vicinity areas, our delivery window is between 10am and 5pm M-F, and 9am and 3pm on Sat. however we try to get them there earlier if possible!

I tried to place an order, but the date I selected isn’t available

If you are attempting to order for same day or next day, we have no delivery available for. You can still select the next business day available, minimum 48 hours.

Our delivery schedule is available by now just for:
Weston area local delivery!
We currently don’t have deliveries 10 miles  out of the area of Weston.
We currently do not offer Sunday deliveries

I want to pick up flowers at your shop!

We only make delivery. We do not stock flowers so they last longer.

Can I ask for periodic deliveries?

Yes, absolutely! Flowers of Weston can deliver weekly or monthly if you want flowers to brighten up your home or office! Simply place your order and select the frequency and timeframe for your recurring order on the order page.

How big are the bouquets?

Our signature bouquets are designed as one-sided arrangements, and come in 24 stems + fun foliage, They measure approximately 16-20″ tall.

What if the flowers are left outside?

It happens. You’ve got the best intentions, but your bestie is out for the day and your flowers, arranged with care, are just hanging out waiting patiently for your person. We’ve watered the flowers in its vase, including a unique method to keep the flowers hydrated under most conditions. Most of the time, everything will be great, and your flowers and bestie will be super happy, however, sometimes if they’ve been chilling on a porch (literally) or sunbathing on a deck for too long, there may be quality issues. If that’s the case, please just let us know and we’ll send a new one out right away!

I didn’t get a confirmation email. Did my order go through?

Our email confirmations are often eaten by spam filters. Check there and if you still don’t see it, please contact us or call (954)479-4705 and we’ll check to make sure!

How can I cancel or modify my order?

Accidents happen. We understand and have you covered!

You can cancel or modify your order with 24 hours notice. Just let us know how we can help and we’ll be in touch to confirm we’ve made the requested changes.

I need to change my delivery date, can I do that?

Sure! Just send us a note, let us know when you need them, and we’ll take care of it, unless the order has already been shipped!

What are your delivery fees?

we have flat fee of $15 for delivery in Weston and vicinity areas.

Will I be notified when the flowers are delivered?

We’ll send you an email confirmation that your order was delivered. We typically send these confirmations after the couriers return from their delivery runs, so you may receive your confirmation an hour or two after your flowers have been delivered.

Can you deliver to somewhere besides Weston?

Because we warranty the freshness of our flowers, by now we do not deliver to areas  out of Weston or 5 miles range out of Weston.

What are your delivery fees?

we have flat fee of $15 for delivery in Weston and vicinity areas.

Does flowers arrangement comes with a vase?

All our flowers arrangements comes with a  nice glass vase included at no extra charge,

Forgot to include a card? Need to edit your order?

Shoot us an email at [email protected] Please reference your order number and we’d love to make that change for you!

When we edit orders, you may receive a notification that marks them as canceled. Don’t fret - that’s not the case - you’ll just have a new order number with your changed order!

My delivery is to a residence, what do you do if they aren’t home?

We do our best to leave the flowers in a secure location if the recipient is not home. If our couriers simply can’t find somewhere suitable to leave them, we’ll bring them back to HQ and give you a call to coordinate an alternative approach. We have a very high success rate using this approach thus far, and we hope it works for you, too!

What if I need the flowers delivered at a specific time?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee specific delivery times, but will do our very best to deliver them as early as possible! And, we deliver before 5p PST in Weston and vicinity areas local orders.

We do try to accommodate delivery requests in Weston whenever possible. And if they’re being delivered in weston to a school, please denote that on the address and we’ll deliver them before 3pm. Drop us a note for any other requests and we’ll do our best!

Can I get a delivery on Saturday and Sunday?

We deliver only until Saturday. Sunday we do not make deliveries.